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Depositphotos Career Opportunities is the newest, fastest growing photostock agency on the Internet, helping to connect tens of thousands of Sellers with even more Buyers every day. We offer the lowest prices to Buyers, turning their creative ideas into tangible reality, and our generous commissions ensure a virtually unlimited earning potential for our Sellers. We've gone to a great deal of effort to design the most intuitive interface for our visitors and a comfortable, collaborative work environment for our contributors.

Our website is accessible in several languages, which helps connect Sellers with Buyers from around the world. Our employees represent many different countries and cultures, and they're all thrilled to work in a vital, fast-paced global environment. owes its creation and successful evolution in the imagestock industry to our team of talented and dedicated employees.

We are always looking for the best and the brightest, and we encourage you to apply for any of our open positions. We demand a high level of professionalism and commitment from all our team members, and if you think you've got what it takes send us an e-mail to the address: and tell us which position you are interested in, why you're interested in it and why we should hire you for it.

Career Opportunities

As one of the most popular new photostock agencies on the Internet, is growing at a phenomenal rate. We are looking to partner with some new Customer Account Representatives from both the United States and Europe who can help us grow even faster and help us service our clients even better.

The Customer Account Representative is an independent contractor who will be responsible for initiating, maintaining and enhancing relationships between the client and

Additional tasks include:

  • Research, qualify and recruit potential clients and subscribers.
  • Ensure client satisfaction throughout your assigned geographic location.
  • Assist clients with the function of the website interface and with the specifics of company policies and services.
  • Maintain professional relationship between the client and the company.
  • And more...

As compensation for a job extremely well done, you'll earn a high-percentage commission for every subscription you sell, based on the value and duration of the subscription. And you'll keep earning that commission for as long as the subscription is maintained or you leave the company, which ever comes first.

As an independent contractor, we're looking forward to working with you and developing your groundbreaking ideas for selling and maintaining new subscriptions to our service. We'll work with you to negotiate a fair compensation package based on your experience, regional location, sales goals and expectations, etc.

Send us your letter of introduction, along with your ideas and compensation requests, to
We look forward to hearing from you.

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