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Sponsorship by Depositphotos

Depositphotos has a unique program for bloggers and websites dedicated to design, advertising and stock files.

If you operate a blog or website and are looking for some fresh new images and videos, or are willing to hold a contest that offers real prizes, we want to be your sponsor. For prizes, we can provide temporary subscriptions at our site, offering free downloads of high-quality files. In return, we’d like you promote our site and your contest using interesting articles or useful reviews of Depositphotos, including information such as prices, the variety of payment options and subscription plans, the new pay-by-SMS option, and the wealth and diversity of files available. The article or review must be unique and must contain at least one link to our site with one appropriate keyword (such as "stock images", "stock videos", "buy images and videos", "stock files", "Depositphotos", etc.). Copying text from our site or other sources, either fully or partially, is prohibited. The number of prizes we can offer will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and will depend on the number of visitors and the level of your blog or site according to the rating. When you apply, one of our representatives will review with you the options that apply to your site or blog.

Prize subscriptions:

Free Subscription Length, DaysFiles per Day
3 7 15 30 ... Custom From 5

Free subscriptions can be obtained in the following ways:

1 If you are a site or blog owner
and wish to get a free subscription for personal use:
  • Contact us by e-mail:, and include your contact information with a link to the website or blog where you want to publish a review about Depositphotos;
  • After you receive a confirmation from us that your website or blog can participate in our promotion, you should write an original review (or article) about Depositphotos, post it on your site/blog and send us a link for approval;
  • If the review satisfies all our requirements, we’ll send you a promo code valid for a free subscription.
2 If you are a website or blog owner
and wish to conduct a contest for your visitors, awarding its winners with free subscriptions:
  • Contact us by e-mail:, and include your contact information with a link to your website or blog;
  • We’ll discuss the number of prize subscriptions, information about our site to be included in the promotion of your contest, and your proposed contest terms;
  • When your contest is concluded, we’ll provide winners with free subscriptions.

We both benefit: you increase the popularity of your site/blog, and we get a chance to tell potential clients about our unique offerings.


  • The site or blog should be active and have a steady readership;
  • The review about Depositphotos must be well-written, with illustrations and links to Depositphotos;
  • Site or blog owners and their users who download files with a free subscription are entitled to use them in accordance with the terms of Depositphotos' Standard License Agreement;
  • The article/review of Depositphotos' site or the contest description must be available at the site/blog on an ongoing basis [for not less than 12 months], in order for files downloaded using free subscriptions to be deemed legally obtained;
  • Depositphotos retains the full and unconditional right to limit (refuse to issue, suspend or withdraw) subscriptions, without giving a reason if, in the sole opinion of Depositphotos, the actions of the site/blog owner or subscription recipient are deemed illegal or inappropriate.

Contact information:


P.S. We are always glad to entertain your offers and will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

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