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Welcome to Contributor Promotion Program!

Add Your Files To Depositphotos!

Currently, we are actively seeking partnerships with top contributors. If you consistently produce great files, then we would love to see your work on our site! That is why we are making a very special promotional program available to the most talented contributors.

We are aggressively seeking more and more great files to sell in our library. As a result, we are running a special Contributor Promotion Program. Contributors who get selected for this program will get paid instantly for each and every original file that is accepted to Depositphotos.

That is like getting FREE MONEY just for sending us your file!

We Will Pay You For Every File You Add!

Only selected contributors will be able to participate in this Promotional Program. During the standard examination process, our examiners will be looking for top contributors to participate in the Promotional Program. Only the most qualified individuals will be granted access to the Promotional Program.

We value every contributor and our goal is to provide an arena that rewards each one based upon their skill level. Depositphotos works hard to provide contributors with an easy way to sell their work. Through our site, we think you will find that you are able to make higher profits than anywhere else, with the least amount of hassle.

Contributors who were not immediately accepted into the Promotional Program still have the chance to participate. All you have to do is continue uploading pictures and illustrations of the highest quality. As always, you will receive your standard commission for files sold on our site. However, inspectors will be continually reviewing your work for possible inclusion into our Promotional Program. The more pictures you submit, the better your chances of being selected. You will receive an email notification if you are accepted to participate in the Promotional Program.

How it Works:

  • Depositphotos will pay you $0.10 for every single original photo you upload for sale to our library, up to 500 photos;
  • Just press the Activate button, and you will get paid for each approved photo you upload;
  • You can Request your earnings as soon as your account balance reaches $50.
Step Register as a Contributor and pass a brief examination test;
Activate Contributor Promotion Program Go to "Promotion" tab at Main menu and activate Promotion Program;
Upload your files Get paid $0.10 for every single photo which you upload for sale.


  1. All files are subject to approval by Depositphotos inspectors. You will be paid for files that are approved for sale by our inspectors. Please refer to our Photographer tutorial;
  2. Limit one activation per contributor;
  3. By participating in this promotion, you agree that all files you add are original works made by you;
  4. You also agree that any file you add as part of the promotion will not be removed by you for a period of at least 12 months;
  5. With the exception of the aforementioned rules, by participating in the Promotion Program you are under no obligation of any kind;
  6. Depositphotos reserves the right to make any corrections or changes to the Promotional Program. Depositphotos reserves the right to cancel the Promotional Program to all or selected participants of the Promotional Program.

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